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Marissa Montemayor

My name is Marissa, but most people call me Riss.

I believe that in order to live a decent life, you have to work for it. I have experienced a lot of grief, confusion, loss and had multiple identity crisis. This was all until I began taking my experiences and turning them into lessons. God has carved open a path for me to share what I have been taught and to rejoice in his grace. United Outkast is about accepting each others differences and finding beauty within ourselves, rather than looking at originality as a negative thing. It has become a passion of mine to offer help when help is needed, especially in the lives of my generation. Many unwanted emotions and seasons can be avoided when we are educated and willing to replace fear with strength, at least is what became a frequent habit of mine when it came to overcoming certain life events. It is a pleasure to do life together and to be apart of a community who can relate to one another struggles. I am not perfect, or will I ever claim to be. I will fall and still have my off days just like any other human being. With that being said, I am here to share my experiences and to let anyone who needs to hear this know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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