My revelation.

What felt like a million attempts led to this blog post. This raw-honest post.  There’s so much that can be spoken about, but today we will only speak on this: The reality of what comes with expectancy. As someone who…

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Spread Love.

Core Values Trilogy PT. 3 “Now that I think about it, this place has no hope. I look up to thick clouds of dark thoughts and dope. I have nothing to lose, I guess I’ll give it a shot. Something…

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Know Acceptance.

Core Values Trilogy PT. 2 “I like the idea, but I am so far gone. You don’t understand, I’ve done so much wrong. Not only towards myself, but to others too. You wouldn’t even be here if you knew what…

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Embrace Originality.

Core Values Trilogy PT. 1 “I always feel that I am never enough. I want to reach out, but my hands are cuffed. Every step I take, I tend to fall. I want to move forward, but I am surrounded…

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I am an Outkast.

“Out” is to be far. “Cast” is to be the focus. Why is the stigma of being the focus for being far from conformity so degrading? Why is the Outkast labeled as weird, and not unique? Why do Outkasts watch…

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Societal Instruction.

We attend elementary school, then high school, eventually leading up to college. We choose a major to spend a great amount of money to learn. We graduate, settle in our career. Get married, have a family, and the rest is…

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Hold On Tight.

Hey, Alice. I suppose you have encountered an injury and ended up in an unfamiliar place. Although you hoped it to be Wonderland, it is not. It is your land. I am here to present to you your choices. In…

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Remember Your Roots.

It is such a rewarding feeling to be at a place in your life when everything seems right. Your goals are starting to launch, money is being made, you are starting to become noticed, and people are actually recognizing who…

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As a Girl.

Why is it that generally all children are treated the same, but as time goes on, gender starts to cause division? Kids are free to dress as they want, they are protected equally, and they see no difference in one…

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Why Me? Why now? Why us… Masks, masks everywhere. Why are there so many people of color dying? Our brothers and sisters in Yemen are starving. How does the whole world hate our president? Oh, how I miss my freedom.…

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