Spread Love.

Core Values Trilogy PT. 3

"Now that I think about it, this place has no hope.
I look up to thick clouds of dark thoughts and dope.
I have nothing to lose, I guess I'll give it a shot.
Something good has to come out of the battles I have fought."
"After the storm, the sun still comes out,
to celebrate the rain that restores the drought.
After a disaster, everything becomes still.
The chaos held you back, blinding you from the purpose you are meant to fulfill."
"I know now that I must confront my fears with no hesitation.
I feel as if though my spirit is being pulled to a greater destination.
This feeling is familiar, I think I've experienced this before.
It's overpowering the darkness, providing a light I can't ignore."
"Well done my good friend, you've answered your own question.
You are feeling love, which is the key to unlock your final confession.
Now that you've accepted what has already been done,
you know what to do now, your time has come."

Romans 12:2

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