Know Acceptance.

Core Values Trilogy PT. 2

"I like the idea, but I am so far gone.
You don't understand, I've done so much wrong.
Not only towards myself, but to others too.
You wouldn't even be here if you knew what I knew."
"The good news is, grace does exist.
Without those mistakes, the lessons would've been missed.
I'm not looking at where you are, but where you are going.
You make fear-based decisions, I can see without knowing."
"I'm afraid to get hurt, it's happened so many times.
Escaping my cell feels like the ultimate crime.
Here I find comfort, out there I am alone.
Although my spirit longs for freedom, fear has given me a throne."
"Where you are at now isn't where you belong.
Freedom is the melody to your spirit's favorite song.
And if you train your ear to follow its beat,
I promise you, freedom will offer a better seat."

To be Continued…

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