Embrace Originality.

Core Values Trilogy PT. 1

"I always feel that I am never enough.
I want to reach out, but my hands are cuffed. 
Every step I take, I tend to fall. 
I want to move forward, but I am surrounded by walls."
"It is not about what you do, but who you are.
Mistakes may bleed, but your victories will scar. 
The chains and borders may seem overwhelming, 
but you must believe your existence is compelling." 
"The journey I must take is easier said than done. 
The demons I fight have already won.
I'm scared to move, nothing I've tried works. 
One step into the world, and suddenly everything hurts." 
"Our greatest pain stems from being conformed. 
The journey towards one's identity reaps many rewards. 
Jump out of society and into your heart.
They may say, 'game over,' but I am telling you to restart." 

To be Continued….

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