I am an Outkast.

I am an Outkast.

“Out” is to be far. “Cast” is to be the focus. Why is the stigma of being the focus for being far from conformity so degrading? Why is the Outkast labeled as weird, and not unique? Why do Outkasts watch the pack, instead of leading it? Why are Outkasts shunned by society and not encouraged to be a part of it? Over all this time, Outkasts were known to be the black sheep, but have evolved to be the solution to humanity. It is time to give credit where credit is due. 

It isn’t a secret that we hide our identity to the public. It isn’t a secret that leaps of faith are stopped by fear. It is easy to swim the same direction of the tide, but with the proper training and discipline, it is possible to swim against it. 

Trust is earned, not given, but for some odd reason, we trust the masses to direct our tide. Society has a way of distracting us from what we were designed to express. It is a game of fetch. Society will throw the trend out while we go chase it. Once the excitement is over, we bring it back so that something new can be thrown out again. But what would happen if for some miraculous reason, we stopped chasing the ball? How would society react if we stopped entertaining the only game that they have played with us, and what does that mean for the players who have now taken off the collar of control and are standing in the flesh of freedom?

You see, we were never meant to live within the borders of expectations. Free will was a bitter-sweet gift from the heavens. No one on this earth has the power to limit your own potential. But unfortunately, being a renown human being with no moral foundation leads to toxic tactics and manipulation. The world has convinced us to walk the path of internal conflict, while God provided us with the route to unconditional love.  

There is power behind being the black sheep amongst what is familiar. Outkasts are the beauty marks that lie effortlessly on the face of the earth. Outkasts carry what the majority don’t, and that is humility. In the mind of an Outkast, it is obvious as to why they don’t fit in; and that is the lack of understanding. How can a seasoned spirit connect with one whose spirit was stolen? Yet, they continue on throughout life canceling out the noise of distractions to pursue patience for when their time is to come. Many Outkasts die at a young age, in order for a worldly being to be born. There is not one person to blame for this occurrence other than the pattern of generational curses. If not now, then when? When are we going to fight for what was ours since the beginning of time, that being our identity? When are we going to put an end to conformity and rise as uniquely designed individuals? When are we going to stop hating the fact that we are not like them, and loving that we are like no one else? When Outkasts unite, magic happens. An atmosphere of pure happiness, genuine engagement, and unimaginable creation. A multitude of passionate and authentic minds is the answer to many battles we face today. If we as individuals put down our own qualities, how can one allow encouragement to flow to those within their space? Opening up the floor to the voices that have been silenced can ignite inspiration and new ideas to a mentally blocked audience. 

Close your eyes and imagine: Imagine a life where you can empower others using your gifts that you’ve been suppressing. Imagine what it would feel like to be loved and accepted for the person that you were created to be. Imagine a life where you’ve grown to love yourself so much, no one can steer you away from your own identity. It is possible, but you have to make the choice to unlearn in order to relearn. Your past has a sneaky way of keeping you from excelling. Do not let it. Step over your demons, push shame to the side, look insecurity in the face, and demand that it has no room in your life anymore. The future is meant to be exciting, a thrill of adrenaline is meant to be felt at the thought of it. The future is literally in your hands. What are you going to do with that information? It is finally your time. Don’t park at a red light. Don’t hesitate when it turns green. Put your vehicle in sport mode and drive your dreams into the heavens.

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