Societal Instruction.

Societal Instruction.

We attend elementary school, then high school, eventually leading up to college. We choose a major to spend a great amount of money to learn. We graduate, settle in our career. Get married, have a family, and the rest is history. Isn’t it crazy how a single person can lay out the blueprint of life, and the majority of people can look at it say, “yeah that sounds about right.”

Here’s the thing. If you keep living your life following the “rules” of society, you have given up on a journey that was uniquely designed for you, and have chosen to follow a path that was designed for those who can’t break out of a conditioned mentality. Since the day you were born, you have been influenced to think and feel a certain way. Your first influencers being your parents, then your teachers, finally leading to our government. Over time, after being so accustomed to listening to others before ourselves, we take in the information we have been fed and believe it. No questions asked. Then towards the end of our lives, we will look back and ask ourselves, “Am I content with the legacy I have left behind?” I don’t know about you, but if I lived my life based on societal standards, the answer would be no.

As a young teenager, I would consider myself quite the Outkast. For those who knew me probably wouldn’t agree. Yes, I got along with many people and was considered to be someone who people knew of, but I, myself was not comfortable nor happy with who I was because I knew I was different. I was very indecisive and my emotions fluctuated more than they should have. Looking back, it all centralized around me trying to fit in with what was expected from the people around me. I wanted to like what others liked, do what others did, and feel the way others felt. This is something that everyone has to go through, the whole phase of trying of “fit in.” Now, as you get older you have one of two choices: continue to strive for the approval of society, eventually losing your originality along the way and become apart of the world, OR break the cycle and allow your differences to flourish and to become obsessed with the journey that was meant to satisfy your soul.

It is OKAY to be different. It is okay not to believe in the same religion your parents believe in. It is okay to not want to dress the way the other girls/boys are dressing. It is okay to not want to eat the same way you have been fed your whole life. It is okay not to be interested in what your friends are interested in. It is okay to be attracted to the same gender, different race, and different skin tone. But it is not okay to allow others to tell you how to live your life. Nor is it okay to put down someone for living a life they are genuinely happy with. There is always going to be someone who will have an opinion on the way you live your life, and nine times out of ten, they are intimidated by the fact that you have broken a conditioned mentality that they have yet to conquer. It isn’t an over-night transition. During the process of breaking free from society, it will feel like a battle between You against the World. You will experience discouragement, hateful remarks, you will lose people along the way, and it will seem easier to just throw the towel in and allow the world to win. But to those who fight a good fight, God promises freedom in the end. Nothing in life comes easy, keep that in mind when you are ready to start releasing all that the world has put on you.

During the time I began to pursue a relationship with God, I was afraid. I was afraid of what my future was going to look like, I was afraid of what people were going to say about me, I was ultimately afraid of what type of change I was going to experience. When I started to open up about my faith, people looked at me different. Some good, some bad. I had a few comments made such as “How can you say you believe in God if you do that,” or “I’m happy for you, but that just isn’t something I want to be apart of,” or my favorite one, “Come on, it’s not like you haven’t done it before. God will forgive you.” The way people viewed me started to generate the way I chose to live my life. I set standards so high for myself, that if I didn’t reach perfection, I was unsatisfied. And I assume you can make out what that had done to me.

Fast forward til now, this is what I have learned. If I had a squeaky clean record in life, I would be a god who believed in God. But I am not God. I am a human, covered in flaws, who believes in God. We were created to sin, it is HUMAN NATURE. Who am I, or anyone else to judge someone and what they believe in based off on my own perception of what I feel is right? Another thing, I am not entitled to perform for the world, nor impress those who expect me to be who they want me to be. It is impossible to satisfy every human that enters your life, that is why it is so important to be satisfied within yourself because in the end, that is all that matters. Lastly, my biggest moment of awakening was realizing how powerful it was to mute society’s voice, and blast God’s voice. His direction is freeing, and I know that because I can testify for it.

To this day, people will not agree with the way I live as a christian. No, I do not live a sin free life. No, I do not bash non-believers. No, I do not judge others for not practicing moral behavior. Why not? BECAUSE THAT IS NOT WHAT A CHRISTIAN DOES. That, my friend, is what you would describe as a christian created by society. Wake up and take the initiative to educate yourself and tap into your higher power, whatever that may look like to you. It is time to override the system that has been placed upon us. How does it make sense to you that a single blueprint in life is made to sit right with every human on this earth? Exactly. It doesn’t.

Start today. Go out and wear the outfit you have been dying to wear in public. Quit the job you dread going to and start working towards the career you’ve always wanted to pursue. Go make friends with the person that everyone told you was weird. Withdraw yourself from the crowd that makes you feel unseen.

There are legends who have walked this earth and will never be forgotten. Those people were the ones who swam upstream, disregarded others’ opinions, listened to what their heart wanted and made it out alive. How do you have room to take a leap of faith if you are suffocated by societal instruction? Just know, the greatest experiences are found in the unknown.

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