Hold On Tight.

Hold On Tight.

Hey, Alice. I suppose you have encountered an injury and ended up in an unfamiliar place. Although you hoped it to be Wonderland, it is not. It is your land. I am here to present to you your choices. In your land, we offer something called the Great Escape. It helps you cope with your new reality. I figured you may be numb from your fall, so we have all the resources to maintain your state of being. Others see it as temptation, but we see it as treatment. Down here we rely on quick fixes. There is also another option, but it is up to you to take it upon yourself to make the trip. It is a road of unpredictability and commitment, but the few who have made it out have never hit the bottom again. The choice is yours.

Resources such as drugs, self harm, alcohol, rage, and carelessness. The road being the path towards healing. Listen, emotions have powerful capabilities that can send anyone off the deep end if not taken proper care of. Depression can send you to a place of helplessness, as if no one will ever understand nor know how to aid your sorrow. This place is blurry, lonesome, and honestly pretty terrifying. I think it is safe to say that we have all experienced a time in our lives where it genuinely felt like nothing worth living for will ever be present again, or it may just have been me. Who knows?

I am not a licensed therapist nor a clinical psychologist, but I do know a thing or two about feeling under the weather, how to prepare for when the storm hits, and how to recover after all is said and done. Don’t get me wrong, there is no true solution to make every day a good day; there isn’t a special armor to shield you from what all the world throws at you either. It’s called life, and there’s always ways to make troubling times just a bit easier.

There will be signs that will signal that your plane is crashing. For instance, all of a sudden you fall into a state of anger or sadness with no reasoning behind it. Mood swings start to become part of your daily routine. You will slowly start to detach from things you have interest in. You may start to experience an identity crisis due to the lack of control over your emotions. And lastly, you will become curious into finding a way out, or in other words, participating in activities that are out of your character. Now you may be experiencing all of these, or maybe even one. The point is, it is important to be in tune with yourself in order to recognize what is happening to your emotional and mental health. If you can pick up on these changes and admit that something may be going south, you can prepare for what is to come next.

This is not a topic to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, there are times where you will lose your battle over your emotions and it will become a season that you will have to go through, so hold on tight. I remember times where it almost felt impossible to overcome what I have been through, but it was vital to remind myself that it was only temporary. Manifesting your happiness will slowly become a habit, if you let it. The more positivity you feed your spirit, the quicker it’ll begin to revive. Your spirit is what is in control, so if that is not protected and is open to interference, everything else such as your mind, heart and body will experience downfalls. During this time of uncertainty, try your best to take care of your basic needs, even if you do not want to.Try to make sure that you are eating, try and get a good amount of sleep, attempt to socialize and allow good energy back into your life. It is really important to be around people who are willing to carry you through this process, and to not let others keep you in your funk. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own choices and life changes. Be strong, and always strive to participate in what represents self love.

Finally, when you find that speck of light shining through the darkness you are surrounded by, chase it full speed. The closer you get to it, the more you’re going to want it. Everybody speaks on physical recoveries, but emotional ones are just as important and deserve to be celebrated. The majority of the time, coming back on top after a hard fall puts you further than you have ever been before. You have experienced what both sides of life are like, and it becomes a mental goal to not to want to ever experience such negativity. Recovery leaves you with knowledge on how to catch yourself from falling too far off, and you are now able to relate to others who have been in your position. You become an asset to the world because not only are you clothed with strength and awareness, but you are able to help the next person who may fall into your shoes.

Any sort of set back can be scary because it isn’t something we are used to. As humans, it is an instinct to adapt. With that being said, it is natural to try and become familiar and comfortable in a place where your spirit is weak and your emotions become your enemy. This is where faith and perseverance kick in. Become renewed and let a brighter future become your motive to recovery. Life is not forever, but self improvement and self love can change the quality of living for a lifetime.

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