Remember Your Roots.

Remember Your Roots.

It is such a rewarding feeling to be at a place in your life when everything seems right. Your goals are starting to launch, money is being made, you are starting to become noticed, and people are actually recognizing who you are. But with all that comes challenges. It is common to want to change as a person in order to align with the position you are in. It is common to experience a change in your crowd and to lose people who don’t really care to see you excel, and it is especially common to question whether or not you should continue pushing forward.

United Outkast was just a thought in my mind a little over a year ago. During that time, I knew I had good intentions and was heading down a path of influencing and spreading truth, but I didn’t feel confident. I was still living recklessly and did not feel worthy enough to speak on things being the person that I presented myself to be. After sharing my ideas and thoughts amongst a group of people, a mentor of mine named Katy Lanier reminded me who I was in Christ and encouraged me every step of the way to overcome my fears and to push through any type of struggles that were holding me back. If it wasn’t for her consistency and believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself, United Outkast would’ve been a thought brushed off of my shoulder. A year later, her being miles and miles away, we still keep in touch and she continues to be as supportive as she was from the beginning. Success isn’t always a one man road, it can take people like Katy to help get you to where you are. Always give recognition to those who were there from the start and allow them access into your “new” life that they helped you achieve.

Just as important it is to recognize those who you’d consider to be on your team, it is important to identify the opposing party as well. What is your intention with where you are going, and what type of energy do you need around you in order to progress in your journey? For instance, United Outkast’s “rule of thumb” is to generate positivity and hope, so we can reach those who are seeking. With that being said, I want to bring people who are passionate about helping others and who are willing to be vulnerable and are accepting within themselves and to other personalities. Invite people along who share the same drive as you. No, I don’t mean similarities as in personal characteristics. I mean similarities as in striving for the same goal and sharing a similar passion. Bad apples are for a whole other post which I won’t get into now, but having someone around you who is trying to be on top instead of beside can really take a huge turn for the worst. As spoken before, we always want to see the good in people, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always turn out that way. When you decide to become invested in something greater than you, whatever that is becomes a priority. And just like all other priorities in your life, sacrifices come with it at well. It is vital to make big decisions that will benefit your mission, and not just yourself. Your initial intention with where you are going should always stay grounded. I want to enhance the lives around me, even if that means starting off with just one. As soon as I start letting other factors get in my head, like money or fame, I have already messed up and the originality of what my goal is.

A journey towards success isn’t easy, it never will be. But if it is embedded in your heart to achieve something, it will be worth it. The further you progress the more you will be exposed to. Not only the good, but the bad as well. Judgement is a common reaction amongst people when someone is doing something different. When people express judgement, it is easy to question yourself and where you are trying to go. You begin to ask yourself, “Am I the person who should be doing this? Is it time to call it quits and just go back to where I was comfortable being? Am I changing for the worst?” Do not be fooled. Negativity is so powerful and will prey on the weak whenever the chance is given, but you have to be strong and stay grounded to your roots. Remind yourself constantly why you are doing what you are doing and who are you doing it for. Don’t become entangled in what the world is most known for, and that is turning people into what they want them to be. You have to be smart and understand the concept of facing adversity. Potential is a seed that is planted in every human being, and the ones who make it to the top are the ones who stayed focused and put in the extra hours instead of taking the easy way out.

Dreams are a beautiful, self-generated aspect in life. They should never die and should always continue to renew. Dreams are also unique and shouldn’t be placed in the hands of others who have the power to take them away or morph them into something that they are not. Originality is what moves you in the right direction because it is personal. It represents who you are and what you are all about. Stay focused on that, and everything else will fall in place. Staying grounded to your roots is a given when you first start, but then becomes more of a challenge the further you go in life. Always remember that in order for something to sprout, the roots have to stay alive.

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