As a Girl.

As a Girl.

Why is it that generally all children are treated the same, but as time goes on, gender starts to cause division?

Kids are free to dress as they want, they are protected equally, and they see no difference in one another… unless they’re taught to see otherwise.

As a girl living in 2020, it isn’t easy to be free as we were born to do so. For some odd reason, there’s this idea that women are less than men, we are seen as objects rather than people, and sadly, we are treated as if our voices and presence don’t matter.

Women are emotional. We tend to overthink almost everything possible. From what we are going to wear out to eat, to making sure we are saying and doing the right thing. We are sensitive. Our feelings get hurt, whether we want to admit it or not. We not only feel our own emotions, but for others too. We get attached, or it is typically in our nature to do so. Attached to our friends, our homes, our loved ones and our lovers, and for lack of better words, it isn’t a stroll in the park to just walk away. Last but not least, we are vulnerable. We naturally crave security and attention and once it comes around, even just the slightest bit, our hopes are up and our hearts open. We like to give the benefit of the doubt in every situation, hoping that others have the best intentions. But unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out in our favor.

Women have periods. We hit a time in our lives where everything begins to change. Our bodies grow in different shapes and sizes. Every month we experience a different side of who we are and nine times out of ten, it isn’t a side we enjoy. We cry, we yell, we are angry one minute, then okay the next. We crave food even though our tummies hurt. To sum it up, it is a roller coaster of everything in one. We didn’t ask for it and we cant get rid of it, so we just have to live with it. Also, once we have hit that stage, we then can carry babies. For the sake of our future, we are trained to automatically resort to birth control. I myself can not speak on its side effects, but I have only heard negative things and how much of a toll it takes on women. But we do it to be safe, not because we want to.

Women protect themselves as much as we can. It isn’t safe to be alone at night, not even if we are taking a trip to our cars. We have to limit our skin exposure when we go out, so we don’t attract danger. It is recommended for women to always carry pepper spray. Trust begins to decline the older we get. It’s difficult to trust others to respect our boundaries, it’s difficult to trust that men are interested in us as human beings and not just for sexual purposes. A lot of women, including myself, lack the physical capabilities to defend ourselves, so it is a conscious reminder to always be prepared just incase altercations start to escalate. And sadly, the list goes on.

With all of that being said, what I am trying to address is that women are not weak, and it is vital for people to understand that. We are constantly fighting battles within ourselves while trying to rise above the stigma that has been placed upon us in society. It isn’t okay to treat women as if their feelings don’t matter. If we say no, it means no. If we say we are uncomfortable, it means back down. We have been given a voice, and all voices deserve to be heard and feelings deserve to be validated. This not only applies to men, but to other girls as well. We are a team, we can relate to each others struggles. Don’t let the girl behind you fall if you know that you have the capability to lift her back up. Don’t judge a girl for being in the position she’s in or for going through a troubling season. It all goes back to the principle of helping one another and being there for someone when life gets rough, because we all know to live a perfect life is impossible.

Women are beautiful and are full of power and potential. Each of us deserve to live in a world where we can express ourselves truly and freely, without being afraid to do so or belittled when we have. We are more than objects, we are more than a pretty face and we are more than just “care-givers”. We are human beings with dreams and goals. Blood runs through our veins just like the next man. Don’t be the one to change a girls life for the worst, or put her in a position where she is in fear. Take care of her, encourage her, and defend her. Speak life into her and help her through any insecurities she may be facing. Lastly, always take into consideration that you do not know the life behind a woman. Many girls have had traumatic experiences. According to, one in every six women have been raped or someone has attempted to inflict it upon them. It isn’t easy to be a girl in this world. Help our fears vanish and vocalize the importance of taking care of one another.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not about putting a bad reputation on men, it is simply to bring awareness to what us as women go through and how to help us be who we were born to be.

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