Why Me? Why now? Why us…

Masks, masks everywhere. Why are there so many people of color dying? Our brothers and sisters in Yemen are starving. How does the whole world hate our president? Oh, how I miss my freedom. Since when is money more important than people’s lives?

Just a handful of thoughts that were gathered in 2020. A year of what was thought to be for growth and prosperity is now chaos and fear. Who would’ve thought so much can happen in such little time. It is mind boggling to witness the way of the world and personally experience how we react to all that is going on. For some of us it is anger. Anger towards our government, towards our peers, even anger towards simply being in the position we are in. For others, it is fear and sadness. Who knows what tomorrow will look like? Whose life will be taken or what type of bad news will be publicized? Or if you are like me, confused and emotionally distanced. I cannot even comprehend and feel for everything going on given the rate of toxic publicity.

This post could have been about targeting politics and taking a stance on who is right and what should be done, but honestly, opinions are overrated. In my heart, I feel it is important to deliver experienced advice and help navigate those who feel lost in an unrecognizable world.

So, here it goes.

Take yourself out of your shoes for just a moment. Put yourself on a cloud and look down to our world. What do you see? Some may say riots and protest. Others may say kids locked away from their families. There is also a load of patients suffering from a global pandemic… plus more. But go ahead, choose your fighter.

Here’s the thing. There isn’t just one big issue going on, there is multiple. So much to the point I feel it is difficult to really know or stay centered on making a difference when you want to fix it all. It is such a vital part of life to know when to throw the towel in. How healthy do you think it is feeding your mind of all that is going on, working yourself up over something you have no control over?

Don’t get me wrong, educating yourself is important. But what resources are you using to do so? There’s a difference between interacting with factual articles and scrolling through hateful posts on Twitter. The more focused you are on being involved versus being aware, the harder it will be for you to react accordingly. If peace and justice is what we are fighting for, then why does tension seem to escalate? If lower cases of COVID-19 is the goal, why are they skyrocketing? If we want our president to change, why aren’t we giving him the chance? And the list continues…

Society is so fast paced, always ready to make the next move, but right now is not the time for that mentality. Making decisions based off of your emotions is easy, but giving yourself time to feel and think realistically is effective. I think it is fair to say that life is precious and is out of our control. Don’t waste these moments feeling afraid of the future, or stress over what is already set in place. To be brave is to be courageous, ready to endure anything thrown in your path, but choose your battles wisely. If you are fighting all that comes your way, you might not have enough in you to tackle the one that really counts.

This is a test from the man up above. Who is willing to put their pride aside to love every sinner who bleeds just like you and I? How much can we take as humans before we break? If death is our fate, who are we going to be in order to enhance the world we are living in? Am I making a difference for the greater good, or am doing it to make a point?

Make your moves wisely and with love. Why add fuel to the fire when it has already burst into flames?

I have had many conversations with people who have very different views and focus points. And as a human, I have mine. But I do not hate people nor shame them for how they are grasping this new reality. In fact, I have respect for those who are vulnerable enough to share and communicate on a civil level over speaking out of ignorance. Truth be told, I have kept as cool as possible these past few months, SURPRISINGLY. Having faith in the future and remaining calm speaks volumes. Thanking God and praying for a greater outcome releases worry because in the end, I alone cannot put a stop to any of this, but I can shield this journey of unpredictability with strength and humility.

Thank you for taking this time to read. Stay safe and keep your head up! – Love, Riss<3

4 responses to “Corrupted.”

  1. Wow Marissa! For such a young person you really get it! Wish a lot of others could see it this way. We can all be different, with different aspirations, political beliefs, religious preferences, but still come together for the good of our country. Your writing has given me hope & inspiration for the next generation that runs our country in the years to follow. Stay positive & true to your beliefs. You have a great future ahead of you.


    • Thank you so much Cathy!!! It really is such a meaningful response.
      And yes I agree! Our nation should find a sense of common ground in order to move forward.
      Thanks again for your encouraging words! Have a good one 🙂


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