You Are Who I Am.

You Are Who I Am.

POV: I am your friend who has been distracting you from who you are and where you are going in life. I am ready to switch things around for the both of us. These are my words:

You and I met a year ago. Since our first meet, we became inseparable. Overtime, our choice of words ironically started to sound similar, our taste in clothing and accessories were syncing as well, and before we knew it, our down time hobbies became one. Where did we go wrong?

Now before I met you and you met me, you had dreams. You were on the road to success and were determined to stay aligned with the goals you have set for yourself. Six months into our friendship, you hardly mentioned your plans for the future. Instead you chose to pick up on my lifestyle. I, on the other end, had no plans . I wouldn’t consider myself troubled, although, those who know me may have shared otherwise. I can give you what many people can’t. Freedom. I offer you a spot right next to me . The world is in our hands for as long as we can grasp it , even though it won’t last long. You are willing to risk the potential success waiting for you at the end of your journey, for these “in the moment” decisions that will be nothing but old memories. My “ten years later” will be framed in a studio apartment, living off of ramen and waffles, but you, you have the chance to be the famous success story people like me needed to hear.

I am a lucky person to have met such a bright minded human being. What I have yet to confess is that I have dragged you further away from who you were before meeting me. Our friendship is like no other. Almost euphoric if you ask me, but we are at the age that can make or break who we are as grown adults. At the beginning, I had no interest in encouraging your mindset of wanting to be proactive, but as I noticed your spark slipping away, I felt guilty. I don’t want you to get caught up in the crowd. You had unique visions that set you apart. I don’t want my lack of motivation and effort to be contagious, especially to someone who had a drive generated by their own hunger to make it far in life.

From here on out, boundaries are needed to be placed. We owe it to the both of us. I have learned in this walk of juvenile recklessness that complacency is a real thing. I am stuck in a place where I don’t want to leave, which is why I set you free. We were meant to be friends. Not co-dependents. It was so easy for you to lose sight of your prize when late night adventures, marijuana, and playing hookie stepped up to the plate.

I know you more than you know yourself, which isn’t how it is supposed to be. My lifestyle was more entertaining, yet yours was more beneficial. It is time for you to plant your feet in the foundation of who you are. Hardworking, driven, creative and spontaneous. I want to switch my occupation from a careless friend, to a supporting one. I have learned that in the beginning, my energy was dominant, therefore our friendship circled around more of who I was. I recognized that. Now it’s time to grow closer and maintain who we are individually, embracing it, and letting it be the legacy that we can share. The legacy that can be framed in our “ten years later.”

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