We fall, then get back up. Sometimes we jump, we crawl, we slide, we even flip. Whatever movement through life we are experiencing, we tend to always end up back on our feet. But what if we move in a way that leaves us on the ground longer than we expect, unable to bounce back like usual?

You aren’t down for a few days, or a few weeks, we’re talking months. Or what about the times where emotional stability is unpredictable? Some days you feel okay, and others you wake up feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom. Feelings can be confusing. You constantly think to yourself, “What is causing these emotions to rise? Why am I questioning who I am? Is it ever going to get better?”

The answer is yes. It is always going to get better. It is important to identify that whatever low point you may be experiencing is a season, not a lifetime. When you think of season, think of change. Speaking in literal terms, with seasons comes a variety of differences. Temperature fluctuates, different holidays are celebrated, certain foods tend to pop out during specific times of the year. One thing that you notice throughout the year of change is that people tend to control what they can in areas that are out of their control. For instance, when the sun creates heat, clothes come off for the sake of comfort. Bodies are dipped in pools because it feels good. But as soon as the cold creeps in, clothes are thrown back on and are normally multiplied. Fireplaces are turned on and hot chocolate is held in thawing fingers.

As humans, we naturally adapt to adversity. We will find every way possible to remain comfortable during times that are not in our favor. Some people despise the heat, but they will seek something they enjoy until their favorite season comes along. So why can’t it be that way when we talk about emotional seasons?

When you wake up at rock bottom with no one at your side, you crave the presence of life. Sometimes, what you are feeling is out of your control. Emotions work in a strange way, almost too hard to understand. But we have access to find what makes us comfortable during that season in life. When our heart is frozen, seeming too cold for anyone to get close, know that someone is prepared with layers of clothes to keep you warm. We learn to find ways to make it out okay. When you feel a storm coming your way, be proactive. Be prepared.

For some, keeping positive energy close to them is what is needed. For others, it is buying themselves a journal and a pair of headphones and prioritizing time to throw up emotions on paper. Whatever it may be, it is so vital to be prepared for whatever season that comes your way. Stay hopeful and focus on ways to feel better. Step out of your darkest thoughts and live life. Go on walks, count leaves, observe society, embrace community. The first step to recovery is knowing that you are worthy enough to experience happiness. You owe it to yourself to love and embrace everything about you, even if you feel the complete opposite.

Sometimes it gets foggy and windy, making it hard to keep truth aligned with your vision, but once your heart is locked on truth, it’ll never lose you. You can’t control the weather, just like you can’t control the emotional rollercoaster headed your way. But you can place constants in your life that are always prepared to go to war with the enemies within yourself.

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