My income is the coins I find in the street,
my bed is the bench, the couples favorite seat.
My family is the birds humming in the trees,
because somewhere down the line, drugs and alcohol replaced me.

I know I might smell different,
I’ve done all I can to fix it,
I tried to go home and shower,
but the parents sent me back under the bridges.

I can hear you making fun of how I am thin,
while I stare at an un-touched muffin lying in the trash bin.
And although my mind won’t allow me to go in,
my stomach is punishing me as if i’ve committed a sin.

The look on your face is speaking your thoughts,
judging my hair and all of it’s knots.
And if I could brush just some of them off,
maybe I wont be the one who society labels lost.

The way I see you is as if you are on a throne,
because you have nice things that you and your people own,
but as for me I am alone.
Unfortunately, society feels they need to cast their stones.

I live off of nothing but hopes and prayers,
waiting for someone to see past my messy hair,
past the holes, the dirt, the tears,
past all the ugly things about me, past the hesitance to care.

Forgive me for my reckless behavior,
It seems like silent cries for help is in my nature.
And trust me, I know, my actions lead to failure,
but how can I succeed as an abandoned teenager?

It can be difficult to think before we do, but it is so important to consider someone’s circumstances. People are always the way they are for a reason, and us on the other end are in no place to judge, especially if this judgement is expressed in a negative manner. Lend a hand to those who seem alone, afraid or you just feel a nudge to speak up. Stepping up can be all that someone needs to step up too. -Marissa Montemayor

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