Appreciation– Recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. 

In society today, appreciation is shown in many ways. We express gratitude with money, gifts, food, clothes, I can go on and on. But one thing that these all have in common is that they are temporary. Money is spent. Gifts are used. Food is eaten, and clothes are outworn.

Don’t get me wrong. Receiving and/or giving is absolutely rewarding. I wouldn’t pass up a box of donuts or a few extra bucks from someone who is expressing their appreciation, and vise-versa. I myself tend to look towards what I can spend my money on to give to who has done good for me. We look towards what is temporary.

Temporary vs. Lasting

Appreciation is ideally a feeling generated in a relationship. Giving is always a nice thing to do and can be fulfilling for both parties, but giving something that requires consistent work and effort is a different topic of discussion and frankly one we don’t talk too much about.

Because I appreciate you, I am going to express loyalty and honesty. I will make sacrifices to meet your needs, I will encourage you, and I will fill you up with all that I can to show you that I appreciate you.

The cool thing about showing your appreciation through your actions is that it establishes an opportunity for growth and closeness between you and the other person who is involved. It feels good to know someone appreciates you, and it feels even better when that feeling doesn’t go away. The importance of appreciation is vital to humanity. It is what keeps us up, and it is a motivation for us to do good for others and ultimately, it feeds our spirit with positivity. Without appreciation, tension and selfishness becomes present.

A road block to appreciation can be pride. If pride over-rides humbleness, it may be harder to admit that you need others to  maneuver through life. So if you can’t acknowledge that, how can you appreciate someone?

Bottom line, being kind goes a long way. You don’t have to shower someone with your money to show your appreciation, but simply go out of your way to generate conversation, check up on them, be their shoulder to cry on. Be the human God created all of us to be.

I appreciate all who read my blogs, I appreciate all the people who give me feed back. And for that, I try my absolute best to produce all that I know and experience to share. Let it be about love, and appreciate your people with all that you can give from the love you have.

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