Your Future Is Gold.

Your Future Is Gold.

Why is it so hard to be content with where we are now, but find it so easy to worry about our future? There is so much that we do to lead to a promising outcome, yet focus on all the things that can possibly go wrong. It seems to me that we ourselves are our own enemy.

There are conversations that I have had with people who seem to have a good head on their shoulders, yet struggle to believe that they will make it in the long run. We fill our time with so much stress and work, we can’t even take care of our minds and bodies, and it happens to the best of us.

We have this vision of the future that we put on a pedestal so no one can touch, not even ourselves. We act as if we have complete control of what lies ahead of us and that the destination that we have created will remain unchanged 20 years down the road. For some of us, that is the case, but for the majority of us, that never seems to work out.

Being a student with so much time ahead of you creates this sense of urgency. The pressure is on when your parents and friends have this expectation of you to make it beyond your capability to do so. I advise, for you and I both, to withdraw ourselves from the expectations tugging at our necks. Being so caught up in the future takes away from the enjoyment you can be experiencing now. Well-rounded people, who don’t mind learning a new skill or focus to heavy on one thing seem to make it out alive and well.

Well-rounded people don’t listen to the voices attempting to sway their heart, but are voluntarily open minded to finding where their heart lies. The future should be a fun point to think about, but not something to dwell on. It is always good to set goals, but not one so far out with no other goals in between . A vision should be established, but produced from the passion driven from your heart. Not the attention or opinions you are getting from those around you.

Your future is put away in the unknown, and it shall stay there until time catches you up. A successful future is unique, meaning that all paths and destinations are different. Do not compare your future to someone else’s. The future is bright to those who work with adversity in a positive manner, and can adjust to the curveballs that life throws at us. Avoid becoming complacent due to the overwhelming sense of worry. It is easy to stay right where we are when steps ahead seem risky, but risks are necessary to fulfill something greater.

Stay strong and don’t rely on your expectations of the future, because nine out of ten times, it’ll change. Continue to do what you love, work with others, learn what you are being taught, and try your absolute best in everything you do. Change your mentality from “I have to,” to, “I get to.” Not all things in life are made to be easy, but we have the freedom to critique our own path. Your future is gold and your thoughts and actions are the tools needed to discover your treasure.

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