Morgan’s Story:

Morgan Bailey. 12 years old with a heart bigger than most I’ve come across. She is beautiful, full of life and such a joy to be around. This is her testimony:

“Over the past few years I’ve over came a lot of struggles. I feel these events although they had a great impact on me, also made me grow tremendous strength and become the person I am today. In 2012, I lost my close cousin who was killed in a very bad murder and 3 months later my grandmother was killed by a drunk driver. Although I couldn’t really understand it all, I understood the pain that I felt. Shortly after my family was broken and I experienced my parents divorce and we had to transition from living in Louisiana to moving to Texas when we lost everything we owned in the 2016 flood. All of these things happened right on top of another and I didn’t really have time to get over any of it before the next thing took place. I didn’t want to go to counseling because I wasn’t comfortable talking to anyone. I have suffered through stress, depression and lots of loss and insecurity but with taking time to understand things better and love from my family it began to get better. Life is truly not easy! My message is that what you go through in life will always effect you, but it will always get better by surrounding yourself around good people with good vibes. Things will be hard to overcome but you will always learn a lesson and learn how to help others.”

– Morgan B.

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