Get Your Hands Dirty.

Get Your Hands Dirty.

Do you have trouble making decisions? If you consider yourself indecisive added with a few too many drops of overthinking, this is for you.

To start off, I’ll give you a quick “long story short” of how I came about my barrier.

Before school, before this blog, before I could probably even count to ten, softball was my introduction to life. It is what I did and continued to do until I was sixteen. One day, I made the decision to close the chapter as an athlete and start a new one. The problem was, I had no idea what the new chapter was going to consist of… at all.

I went through a season of constant questioning of whether I had made the right choice or not. I began to overthink my decision, which caused me to overthink almost every aspect in my life. I was in a state of desperation and attachment all at the same time. I was desperate to dive into something new as I was afraid to lose something I was so familiar with (softball). The effect of this led me to consume all my time into researching things that I could possibly find interest in. I gave up cash in return for a billion words, committed to screen time to receive eye bags and listened to YouTube to develop insomnia. Eventually, I picked up on the idea that what I was doing was ineffective .

Finally, I realized the problem. I was not getting my hands dirty. I thought reading up on how actresses became famous and learning the ins and outs of neuroscience was going to lead me to my calling. PSA: It didn’t. So, I sat down and evaluated what in my life is worth getting up at 6:00 A.M. for and what made me want to stay home and go back to sleep. Sure enough, the first thing that came to mind was my involvement in the church. I loved working with kids. It brought me joy to be in the presence of pure innocence. So what did I do? Dug my way into opportunity and hands on experience. I volunteered to work with toddlers, worked my way into spending more time with middle schoolers. I later found myself hosting parties on the weekends.

Today, I realized that my passion lies in others contentment. I love working with people. I develop ideas to enhance someone else’s day without even realizing it. I find fulfillment to know that the people around me are spreading love, in other words, putting others before themselves. But I wouldn’t have discovered this without the experience.

To be indecisive, is to be human. Don’t devote all your time into highlighting all the wrong outcomes of what you might be wanting to do, but focus on where your heart lies when you’re doing it. Ask yourself this:

-Would you do what you are doing without getting paid?

-Is this something you are confident and willing to converse about?

-If you were given the opportunity to get your hands dirty at any given time, would you hesitate?

The only possible way to know is to put yourself on the train of trial and error. Put yourself in positions where the only two outcomes are success and failure. Two very distinct indicators that will elevate you to where you are meant to be.

I challenge you to put your curiosity into action. Do you think becoming a vet might be in your future ? Well, let’s see. Go out and volunteer at a dog shelter. Does the idea of you spending your time with animals for free lessen your interest? If so, your passion might lie elsewhere. If not, continue to dive deeper and watch your purpose on this earth flourish.

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