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“What is done in the dark will come to light; before you know it, all evil will shine. That is why between you and I, it is our moral duty to stand and rise.

Don’t be afraid of the war ahead, a good fight will be fought; our hearts will be fed. But don’t open up and be misled, don’t forget who died on the cross; whos blood was shed.

We are called to love the human race, but can you say we are equally loved with a straight face? Jesus said let him who is without sin cast the first stone, but come across a pile of rocks and I promise you each will be thrown. Sometimes our pride holds us back from doing what is right, we all know in our hearts that it doesn’t have to be black OR white. Lets go ahead and pull the thorns out of our sides, we are in control of the direction of this tide. “

-Marissa Montemayor